Greta Pankratz, LCSW, specializes in the treatment of adults from all walks of life.  My patients all have one thing in common: they want to bravely confront problematic issues so that they can move forward with a future free to be who they are meant to be.

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About Greta

I have been in the field for 20 years, with a wide range of experience.  I am a driven professional, always taking training; developing my skills and seeking expert consultation on your behalf.  I pride myself in ethical treatment, finding the quickest path to healing and eager to “work myself out of a job”.  A wise trainer of mine once said; “To the novice there are many possible treatment paths, to the expert, there is one” –Dr Andrew Leeds.   Your treatment will include making expert referrals, thorough diagnosis, involvement of supportive family and friends and application of the ideal treatment for your needs.  The patients who have the most success in my office “do what I tell them to do”.  My patients are driven and often highly successful professionals.  They leave treatment ready to bravely lead others around them with a new confidence and “ease”.


I am a “hard things” specialist.  For my fellow therapists, I say I am a trauma specialist.  I make the distinction because so often there is a misunderstanding of trauma.  I hear all the time, “well I haven’t been raped, so why am I feeling this way?”  If you’ve been through some hard things or multiple developmental traumas, you may be suffering from a trauma response.  Its worth googling what “Bessel Van der Kolk” has to say on this topic.  You’ll know you are having a trauma response if your emotional reaction to something is more “charged” than what would be expected.  Abuse comes in all forms–from parents too busy to really “see” you, religious/church abuse, being teased or being asked to psychologically metabolize something you were too young to digest.  EMDR and other therapies can help you to really believe the truth about who you were created to be; leaving the past behind.

Education and License

Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo B.S. Psychology, Applied Family Counseling

San Diego State UniversityMasters in Social Work

Licence with State of CA, Board of Behavioral Sciences since June 2009, LCS 25687

Certified by EMDR International Association in EMDR Psychotherapy in November 2018

Consultant in Training for EMDR Psychotherapy

Staff for EMDR Center of Southern California


In my almost 20 years in the profession, I have enjoyed providing therapy, case management, clinical supervision and training as follows:

Therapist Experience (individual, family, couples and group therapy):

Certified with EMDRIA in EMDR Psychotherapy

Consultant in Training through EMDRIA

Cottage Outpatient Treatment Center in San Luis Obispo

San Diego County Mental Health Services

San Diego City College

Santa Barbara County Behavioral Wellness

Private Practice

Training offered in past:

PRIDE training for foster and adoptive parents

“Sandwich Generation: Challenges of Caring for Children and Parents”

Assertiveness Training

Forgiveness Classes (using Dr. Everette Worthington’s REACH Model)

Stress and Relaxation Training (12-week Curriculum)

“Working with Mentally Ill: A Training for Medical Staff in Hospital”

Debriefing Sessions (basic crisis response after traumatic events in local hospital)

Multiple Medical Problems Support Group

PTSD Support Group

Stress Class (1-hour class for medical facilities–staff and patients)

Other Skills and Experiences:

Subject Matter Expert with Board of Behavioral Sciences-creating LCSW State licensing exams in past and now Law and Ethics exam.

Co-creator with Gizelle Mendoza, LCSW of local networking group for psychotherapists in private practice for the Santa Maria Valley.  30 members and growing.  Email for more information:

Clinical Supervention for 4 local agencies in town, including Santa Barbara County Social Services.  Providing group and individual supervision for the post-graduate staff at these agencies when there is no LCSW available on-site.

Member of EMDRIA

Member of Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce

CIT with EMDR Center of Southern CA

Therapist for the At Ease Program

Gottman Level I complete

Experience conducting and writing SAFE home studies for adoptive and foster families with local, private agency.

Developmentally Disabled Adults: spent many years in several roles working with developmentally disabled adults.

Led Addiction and Recovery Groups though the Prop 36 era.


The roles I am most proud of are my roles as wife to my wonderful husband and mom to my three young children.  My family and I are members of a local Christian church where we are active volunteers in the community.  I enjoy spending time with friends, family, hiking, running, camping, cycling and my work.  The best compliment I get from my clients is “You’re just a normal person like me; easy to talk to”.