EMDR Therapy

EMDR Psychotherapy

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It is a type of psychotherapy that aims move an upsetting memory or experience from “frozen in time” and upsetting to integrated and positive. This link from the EMRIA website is a great written explanation. There is also a video from the EMDRIA website if you prefer visual. Another great resource is the recently released docuseries called “The Me You Can’t See”. In this series, you get to see Prince Harry in an phase 3 and 4 of an EMDR session with his therapist. Its not often you get to see what happens inside a therapist’s office!

Who can benefit from EMDR?

Do you ever feel like you are re-living an upsetting memory? You start talking about something and suddenly your voice, body and mind are all responding as though the event is re-occurring in that moment? If so, you are dealing with some unresolved hard things (or trauma). I have used EMDR to promote healing for religious abuse, rape, molest, emotional incest, skin-picking, fire, traumatic birth, addictions, neglect, witnessing death, war, DV…I could go on. It is a powerful method of treatment. It takes anywhere from a few months to a few years to resolve trauma.

I’ve had a pretty good life, would EMDR do me any good?

I also use parts of EMDR treatment to enhance positive neurobiology. There is a difference between believing something with your head and believing it with your heart. When you truly believe something about yourself, in your body, you start to live your life very differently. For example, if you know you are valuable (because you are human or others tell you that you’re valuable or your scripture says “I formed you in your mother’s womb…”), but you really don’t feel valuable, EMDR resourcing can help your body and heart to begin to believe it (we call this transformational change). Suddenly you will find yourself speaking up, making eye contact, asking for a raise, etc.–living like you have value!

There are a lot of EMDR therapists out there, why choose me?

I have taken my EMDR training to the highest level, getting EMDR Certified and am an Approved Consultant (AC) with with the EMDR International Association for other therapists learning the technique. I am an AC for EMDR trainer, Dr. Christine Sells, PhD. with EMDR Training Center of Southern California. I chose to travel out of town for four weekends in 2017 and did my EMDR training with internationally recognized, Dr. Andrew Leeds with Sonoma Psychotherapy Training Institute. I am trained in Dr. Phil Manfield’s Flash Technique. I have received consultation from many amazing therapists throughout the state including Dena Robertson, Merle Yost, Gina Ornealas and more. I attended the EMDRIA conference in 2019 and Rachel Walker‘s training for Dissociation in 2018.

Your brain wants to heal…

Its amazing that our brains are wired to heal. I am so thankful for the science that is showing us more and more how to help brains heal. EMDR is one such lovely tool that I invite you to try today!