Private Practice: a job that doesn’t feel like work

Making the leap into private practice can be both exciting and daunting.  Especially if you intend to do it ethically, professionally and as your primary source of income.

I have a passion to empower therapists to move into professional private practices in the Santa Maria area.  It is my experience that there is a shortage of effective, affordable, ethical, conscientious and business-minded therapists who take insurance in the area.  I have had no shorter than a 3-month wait for going on 18 months now.  I hear all the time “you are the only therapist who called me back” or “no one has any openings”.  There is a need.  If this has you thinking about joining the crew of therapists in private practice here in the Santa Maria Valley?  Read on.

To further entice you, let me tell you what my life in private practice is like.

  1. I work the days and hours I want.
  2. I have a comfortable and steady income.
  3. I can take vacation days and time off whenever I want.
  4. I have a job that allows me to put my kids first.
  5. I have colleagues in other fields that I get to collaborate with and be inspired by.
  6. I can afford the training and consultations I am interested in attending and afford to travel out out of town for them.
  7. I am billing insurance and negotiating high rates with very little headache; it feels good to be able to help make therapy affordable by taking insurance.
  8. I am only in the office seeing patients and average of 20 hours/week.
  9. I get to do the work I want to; like doing clinical supervision and working with the client population I want to.
  10. My patients are motivated, heal and graduate treatment; its very rewarding.

I have been in private practice in a part-time to full-time capacity for over 9 years now in Santa Maria.  I got some business advise from a friend in the beginning, learned a lot of things the hard way and then realized the value of getting business consulting.  I tried getting some free business mentorship from a local nonprofit, but found their advise did not work well in our service industry full of ethical and legal demands.  For example, we can’t just abandon a patient in crisis because they can’t pay.  It was then that I decided I needed to pay for business consultation from another therapist and found it invaluable.

I am now offering that as a service because of the need I see for qualified private practice therapists in Santa Maria Valley.  My services will help get you up and running quickly, with less mistakes and less headache.  Although I cannot guarantee anything, I expect an hour with me will save you hours wasted time on your own.  You will walk out of that hour with a long list of specific tasks to start moving forward with your business and confidence with where to start, who to call, programs to use and how to prioritize.  In no time, I hope to help you become a therapist can refer to.

Come join me in private practice!