COVID-19 and Telehealth

March 16, 2020

My default mode of service is Telehealth right now.  In person appointments are available if essential.  I am following CDC guidelines and am encouraging all my patients to do so as well.

Fortunately, I already purchased and have been using a secure, HIPAA-compliant, easy-to-use Telehealth service.  There are no downloads required, you will get a unique link, check-in and either wait in my virtual waiting room for me to get to you or I will be there already waiting for you.  It is a bit awkward at first, but soon, we will both forget about the screen and your therapy will proceed smoothly.

Read the following to be prepared for your Telehealth session.  You will also need to sign a special consent for using this service as well.  I will make that available to you over email or via a portal message.

How to Join Your Telehealth Session (1)

The additional good news?  I have more flexibility in my schedule with Telehealth and therefore have openings for new patients!  Contact me at or (805) 268-5317 for an appointment.